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Let us give your website a make over

Let us give your website a make over

All websites start to feel their age and require some tender loving care just like us humans.

Another reason why websites are like ageing humans is that they too, in the end, need replacement parts.

time to update your website software

All jokes aside it’s very important that your website from time to time receives some updates for the software it runs (Joomla). Regular new versions of Joomla are released pretty often, some are for bug fixes, new features or security patches.

5 Main reasons why you should upgrade your website:

  1. Help prevent your website from being hacked
  2. Your website will run smoother
  3. Easier to implement new features
  4. Up to date with the latest web technologies
  5. Time to revamp the look and layout

Also, recently Google announced that it would be dropping websites from its search results that don’t have an SSL certificate installed. So, this is how they work, when you have been buying things off the internet you would have noticed https instead of HTTP, https makes sure that your credit card & personal information is safe when you are entering it on a website. Websites that have an SSL certificate installed will get better search rankings and this is why we are including it in our redesign service.

Drum roll, please….

get your website redesigned offer

So included in this amazing offer is the following web services:

  • Website Redesign
  • Mobile, SEO and User-friendly
  • Upgrade Joomla & Plugins
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • New design built around lead generating layout
  • Resubmit to Google

To get a quotation for your website redesign either head over to our website and fill out the form or call us on 04287 362 777.

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